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Wingnut 04-01-2009 05:37 PM

How do I take apart this thing?
I just recently purchased a used JT Flex-8 with the full headshield (pictured below)

However, the guy who sold it to me could not provide an instruction manual, and didn't have time to clean it properly before handing it over.

1. There are these little black "buttons" holding the ears and head-shields together that feel suspiciously like rivets of some kind. (You can see two of them in the included picture) I seem to be unable to pry them apart without risking damage to the mask, and from the looks of it, someone has already tried.

2. JT's website does not have a forum or product manuals, and confirms the top and back head-shields are in fact removable. So far, I have only been able to remove the rear shield that covers the back of the head - popped right out on the first try.

UPDATE: With some careful prying, I have eventually learned how to dismount the goggle frame and the lenses. To my pleasant surprise, I have discovered the lenses included are in fact THERMAL! A nice bonus, considering how much I actually paid for the kit!

Unfortunately, the strap and little black "buttons" are still frustrating my efforts.

3. Youtube returns a search result for disassembling this particular model, but the video has been removed by its user. Google has also failed me, and there seems to be no relevant thread on X7OG (searchable or otherwise).

If anyone has any information on how to disassemble this mask, it would be immensely appreciated!

pbleonidus 04-01-2009 05:42 PM

Re: How do I take apart this thing?
a hack saw?
welcome to the forums, sorry i couldn't help, usually i am a tech/ go to guy when you need help...

Wingnut 04-01-2009 06:03 PM

Re: How do I take apart this thing?

Originally Posted by pbleonidus
a hack saw?
welcome to the forums, sorry i couldn't help, usually i am a tech/ go to guy when you need help...

Thanks for the feedback, and it's good to be here.

I just spoke with a friend at a local paintball store and discovered he had the same mask. To resolve this problem, he also had to "cut" the rivets off and never went back to the full head cover.

Looks like your hacksaw suggestion may be the way to go, Leonidus - I'll do that and fabricate some removable bolt-washer-nut fittings of my own.

pbleonidus 04-01-2009 06:05 PM

Re: How do I take apart this thing?
wow, i was right! :)

POPPA MERC 04-01-2009 07:28 PM

Re: How do I take apart this thing?
I know the visor pops off easily and the lens portion can be hard to get off and even harder to get back on but with dogged determination and minipulation the lens t-hook can be made to fit back in. JT's have this little nipple pop-ins that are just royal pain on the visor portion. The most easiest way to clean a mask once the lens is removed is spray and wipe for cleaning. You can take and cut the rivets off for much more diverse cleaning. That is if you want to take it that far?? The rivets can be replaced with the same size button screws with a flat backing post like they have on football helmets that can be gotten at any local hardware store.

As a suggestion if you really want to clean a "stinko mask" remove the lens and/or strap. Then run it thru the dishwasher!! on cold/warm settings won't hurt anything. Though I would look at what shape the foam lining is in before doing it. Let dry and Presto!! a clean semi-sterilized mask with out you having to cut and mod it back together.

Wingnut 04-05-2009 07:13 PM

Wait... it's coming to me... !
Thanks for the help, gentlemen!

After doing some careful study of the mask and how it was all riveted together, I was able to determine what the first thing was that I should do with it. Also on the agenda were a complete cleaning and repainting (the Flex-8's camo pattern is wicked, but does not match my existing uniform). Additionally, I expect to be using both MICH and PASGT helmets in the future.

Like most X7 owners, I don't like my options being limited. That head shield had to come off, and I wanted to be able to put it back on again if I needed it.

:skull: :skull: Safety Notice: Removing the rivets holding the mask together can be extremely difficult. If you MUST use a Dremmel, please keep the speed as low as possible. As the rivets heat up, the soft plastic of your mask may begin to melt!! I don't need to tell you that this sort of damage may compromise your safety - and the last thing you need is your mask coming apart in the field!

Do not, repeat, do not rush this project.
:skull: :skull:

On visiting Home Hardware, I was not only able to find the appropriate tool to remove the rivets, but I also found the screws that Poppa Merc was describing here:


Originally Posted by POPPA MERC
The rivets can be replaced with the same size button screws with a flat backing post like they have on football helmets that can be gotten at any local hardware store.

These fitting are called Chicago screws, and they cost very little - each set has a "male" and "female" half, and require a broad slot-type screwdriver. Since only four rivets are holding the head shield to the rest of the mask, you will want four complete pairs. Note also, that there are two rivets holding the chin strap in place, one on each side; Because I like the chin strap and the security it offers, I did not remove these rivets.

:skull: :skull: Another one? : Chicago screws come in many lengths. Get the shortest possible, and consider adding washers to take up any slack. If your screws are too long, they can create small projections that can become harmful in the event of knocking your head against something. While checking your mask between rounds, be sure to check these screws too.

Do not use regular nuts and bolts! These have corners and edges, which are the last thing you need flying around in a paintball mask or helmet.
:skull: :skull:

Once you have removed the rivets and replaced them with Chicago screws, you will now have the ability to completely disassemble the mask - a feature that was promised to owners by JT, but curiously absent from the product itself.

In addition to making it easier to paint and clean the mask, this modification adds more options for configuring your Flex-8 for various situations; from slapping on your favorite helmet for the Big Game to "going tactical" for an intense, close-quarters/speedball match, now you're properly covered for just about anything!

Cuami 04-05-2009 07:16 PM

Re: How do I take apart this thing?
Repped!! For a Great solution and a great write up.
You should upload some pics of your results :)

Wingnut 04-05-2009 08:55 PM

Ooooh, so that's how you do it.
Done, gentlemen. I've added pictures and improved some of the write-up. I hope it will come in useful to not only X7OG's Flex-8 owners, but also for the people who are considering buying this type of mask.

For those of you who've repped me for this project, thank you. I can now spread the love to those of you who have similarly inspired me. Thanks, guys!

Wingnut 09-22-2009 05:46 AM

NEW AND IMPROVED!! Custom Flex-8 w/ Gas Mask
Gentlemen, I remember beginning this thread when I first joined this prodigious community. Since having joined, my equipment has undergone some changes, many of which I'm proud.

This goggle system is a perfect example - a full-shield JT Flex-8, I showed our Operators how to remove the goggle's permanent rivets and replace them with short Chicago screws. More recently, a comm system (originally designed for motorcycle helmets), a glare-reducing lens skin and a goggle fan have been installed ... making this a slightly higher-tech than your typical rental goggle!

That was back quite a while - just check out when this thread was created! For my latest addition, I purchased a Psycho Scenario 'Toxic' goggle cover on eBay. After resolving a small problem with defective Velcro, this is my new and improved model for scenario games. Want to know more? You can find a complete review of Psycho Scenario's goggle cover here.

Whether the Geiger counter begins to chatter, the streets flow with tear gas, or the dead rise from the earth, the Operator will be ready!

Ichikisu 09-22-2009 10:03 PM

Re: How do I take apart this thing?
Hmm..... I gotta admit, this gets me thinking about doing the same thing for my Flex 8! Outstanding job mate!! Love the X7OG patch you decorated the helmet with. One heck of a brilliant idea!! :posrep:

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