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Old 04-17-2010, 01:04 AM
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The Truth about OK D-Day Geisterjagers

It's time for the Geisterjagers to come clean about our true role at OK D-Day. The role of the Geisterjagers since inception has been to wreck stuff. That is, to wreck stuff in enormous quantities and with extreme prejudice, and we do it well. Recognizing this, German High Command is reassigning the GJ's as a combined arms quick reaction force. The job of the Geisterjagers will be to go where ever the fighting is thickest on the field and take the fight to the Allies. Trench clearing, clearing buildings in CQB, recon by force in the 210, spearheading assaults against Allied-held positions, armor support, and just about any other offensive action you can think of in scenario paintball are all officially in the Geisterjager job description now. You literally cannot ask for more action than what the Geisterjagers will see, on and off the field.

If wrecking stuff is what you are all about, the Geisterjagers is the unit for you.
  • Want to get up close and personal in clearing buildings? We do that.
    Do you play snake in speedball? You will fit right in with this group.
    Ever wonder what it is like to combine with armor to take a position held by a larger opposing force? Join us and see what it is like firsthand.
    Up for playing SAW and shooting enormous quantities of paint? Join us and find all the targets you could want.

If you are up for the challenge, contact me for more details. For those up to the challenge of joining this hard-charging unit, you will have the paintball experience of your life.
Non carborundum illegitimi.

Posted as a response in a Geisterjager recruiting thread:

Now I get it. Wow!! You guys are hard core.
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