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Rap4 DMAG's reviewed with NEW videos! Rap4 DMAG's reviewed with NEW videos!
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So I received my DMAG's in the mail via UPS this afternoon and once I got home, I went straight to swapping out parts and making videos for all to enjoy. I'll add to it if you have questions.

so they show up in brown box, wrapped in brown shipping paper. The magwell and parts were in a baggy.

So this is the current setup with for the 20rd U mags.

So here are a few shots of the different magwells from each side.

So swapping out the parts required removing the front pin that you clip on to first. There is a new, thinner version to go with the new magwell. The rear pushpin now seems to long and should be replaced. Also, mine was really tight fit. Even without the rear pin, it wasn't going anywhere.

The fit for the dmag was slightly loose. Not really loose but a slight wiggle to it if I moved it around.

Comparing the DMAG to the previous U shapped mags they are nearly the same in height and depth, but the with is shorter.

Now as for pouches, the 20rd fit perfectly in a Condor AK pouch with flaps.


As for the FAZMAG's, I believe they will fit better if I remove the T bar at the bottom, but they aren't as wide as the 20 rd mags and therefor have a bit of wiggle room. See my video for more on this.

While waiting on video's to upload to youtube, here are my thoughts so far and what you'll be seeing in the videos.

I have received a few request so far, like will that fit in the FAZMAG's, how sturdy are they, do the break easily, how about cleaning them, and so on. I'm trying to take care of all these questions as quickly as I can and will add to the review. So far I've put about 50 rds of Pink paint I bought in Sept-Oct of last year for a breast cancer awareness game. So not fresh paint or winter grade paint for that matter. It's got dimples, it's about 30ish degrees outside right now here in Colorado and overcast from light drizzle and snow all day. So far, not a single break in the mag's for normal paint. I did have some breaks in the barrel, but not a single one in the mag, the magwell or the chamber. So that's great compared to the prior U mags.

I've taken one of the mags apart, it's pretty simple honestly once I figured it out. There's just two tabs at the bottom of the mag that need to be pried back and you're good. From there, two springs on each side and two tiny springs in the center.

As for durability. They do feel like they are made of thin, cheap plastic. You can still see the cuts from where it was attached to a plastic mold, but the edges were smooth. The soft plastic also lends itself to not breaking easily. I dropped one about 4 times from a height of about 4 feet, or the bed of my Toyota Tundra onto the sidewalk. No issues. I took one and threw it in the air and let it drop from probably around 15 feet or so. No issues either. I dropped them bottom first, and side first. Still no issues. On the concrete the paint did crack, but again it's 30 or so outside and i'm dropping them on concrete.

Now, here's my issue's I've found so far. The mag's do not always lock in place when inserted into the magwell. Still need to play around with this, so i'm not ruling out user error. Also, the mag release spring would slip out of place a few times. I had this happen at first with my other magwell at first. Speaking of which, the mag release. It's nearly flat to the magwell so I don't feel it like I do a normal mag release on an M4 or the prior magwell.

As for First Strikes. It does and will fire. Loading them though is a problem honestly. The fins are rubbing against the little flap and cracking going in, and it seems coming out it's causing them to invert. I fired about 5 FS rounds and got 2 to fire correctly. One flipped in the mag, another flip and got jammed in the chamber.

UPDATE: Apparently this past Monday Night Paintball on Rap4's Facebook page Omar explained how to load FS rounds. Here is the link for anyone else who needs to know.
How to load your DMAGs - YouTube

Also, my phenom currently uses a TechT MRT bolt.

And now with Videos! (I'll post the links at they upload)

Intro to the DMAG's (Sorry, video was upside down. Trying to flip it)
Rap4 DMAG Review - YouTube

Loading First Strikes:
Rap4 DMAG's Loading First Strikes. - YouTube

DMAG's inserted into FAZMAG's:
Rap4 DMAG's with FAZMAG's - YouTube

Loaded mags and inserting into magwell part 1
Rap4 DMAG's review, inserting magazines. - YouTube

Inserting mag's part 2
Rap4 DMAG's inserting DMAG's part 2 - YouTube

Drop testing the DMAG's:
Rap4 DMAG's drop testing - YouTube

Testing the FAZMAG's:
Rap4 DMAG's FAZMAG testing - YouTube

Shooting the mag's.
Rap4 DMAG's shooting test. - YouTube

DAY 2 testing and questions:
Shooting several mags back to back.
Rap4 DMAG's 80rds through 4 mag's testing - YouTube

Overview of new parts and fitment:
Rap4 DMAG's new parts overview. - YouTube


Fire Storm Company
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Looking for Military past and present
to join a growing team and just have fun.
  #1 (permalink)  
JH92 on 03-12-2013, 07:10 PM
Re: Rap4 DMAG's reviewed

The curved mags look kinda better imo can't wait for the video, thanks for posting this. Also thanks for making me envy you since you have yours
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  #2 (permalink)  
SlamSlayer on 03-12-2013, 07:10 PM
Re: Rap4 DMAG's reviewed

Huh is this review finished lol? What's in the video because you didn't really get into too much. The new mag wel looks nice though.
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  #3 (permalink)  
Jiggles on 03-12-2013, 07:11 PM
Re: Rap4 DMAG's reviewed

Any interest in trading like 3 if your 20's for 3 of my 14's ?
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  #4 (permalink)  
troyfrezze on 03-12-2013, 07:12 PM
Re: Rap4 DMAG's reviewed

Sorry, PC needed to be rebooted before I could upload to youtube. Video's are uploading now. I'll have them posted here in a few minutes. As for the trade, I've got 20, I'm sure I could stand to swap a few out Just PM me if you wish.
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  #5 (permalink)  
20draws10 on 03-12-2013, 07:43 PM
Re: Rap4 DMAG's reviewed

Looks good so far! I'm looking forward the video when it's up.

Do you have any feed issues with standard rounds or is that just an issue with the first strike?
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  #6 (permalink)  
OP/4_Starkiller on 03-12-2013, 07:49 PM
Re: Rap4 DMAG's reviewed

i think it has more of an improve look. how is it performance wise compare to the U mag? great pics
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  #7 (permalink)  
troyfrezze on 03-12-2013, 07:50 PM
Re: Rap4 DMAG's reviewed

Originally Posted by 20draws10
Looks good so far! I'm looking forward the video when it's up.

Do you have any feed issues with standard rounds or is that just an issue with the first strike?

No issues at all with standard rounds.
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  #8 (permalink)  
SawBones on 03-12-2013, 08:40 PM
Re: Rap4 DMAG's reviewed

With loading the FS rounds. Was there spring tension on the rounds or did you lock the follower down? In the last MNP Omar was showing you had to give the mag a tap once loaded.

Also are you running a MKP1 or 2?

Last edited by SawBones : 03-12-2013 at 08:48 PM.
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  #9 (permalink)  
JH92 on 03-12-2013, 08:41 PM
Re: Rap4 DMAG's reviewed

After you load the 10 rounds slap the bottom of the mag
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